Day 4: Market study questionnaire and soap factory

On Thursday, we finished our group projects concerning the questionnaire that we had to create to make the eventual market study. All the groups did a great job and we were able to finish everything quite quickly! After that we ate at the cantine and then we visited the famous Soap Factory named Savonnerie Fer a Cheval so as to study the line of production of a traditional product and learn some of the secrets to be a succesful businessman while running a family business.

After that we were free to go! Me and my host, Nicolas, did not follow the other kids that went to the beach, but instead we visited Aix en Provence! It was a beautiful experience! We walked through the picturesque streets of the city, witch were decorated with Christmas trees and lights. We also visited the big cathedral of Aix en Provence and were lucky enough to attend an evening mass. Before we left, we dined in an italian restaurant close to the cathedral. After our great dinner, we returned home to rest and fill out batteries once more.
 Nikos Maras – Greece


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