Liedon Lukio

Liedon Lukio is a mid-sized general upper secondary school in the countryside in southwestern Finland. Lieto is a very small town butonly 20 kms from Turku, the former capital of Finland. We have about 250 students and 20 teachers, some of whom also work in the neighbouring comprehensive school. Our aim is to offer our students high-level general education in a safe and motivating environment. The school is modern and well equipped and modern technology is used daily and in most subjects.

Most of the students are from Lieto, but there has been a growing number of immigrant students living in Turku attending our school, and this has been a new challenge to our staff. We also constantly compete for students with the larger schools in the neighbouring towns and are in need of developing new practices to make our school more tempting for teenagers.

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Don Bosco Marseille

Lycée Polyvalent Don Bosco Marseille is situated in the city centre of Marseilles, in the south east of France, and it is part of the Fondation Don Bosco which was created in July 1878 by an Italian priest called John Bosco.

This education institution is a privately-run catholic school, “under contract” with the French Ministry of Education and counts about 750 learners, 100 teachers and 30 members of staff. Lycée Polyvalent Don Bosco Marseille is composed of 3 different institutions:

• a general high school,
• a vocational school,
• a lifelong learning centre.

The general high school offers both upper secondary and higher education in different sectors. The vocational high school offers a wide-range of training in different trades: Metal and Wood Works, Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering, Visual Communication and Multimedia Design, Graphic and Printing Industries, Signing, Bill boarding and Setting Decoration.


53 rd Highschool

53 Lyceum of Athens is one of the public general high schools in Athens. Currently, we have 320 pupils and 28 teachers working together towards a better school and a bright future for our pupils. Our school is located in the centre of Athens, 5 minutes from the closest metro station. It is an urban low / middle class area with many shops and companies. Many immigrants live in our neighbourhood but most of their children, currently our pupils, have been born in Greece. The school system aims primarily towards university studies, however we have realized the difficulties our pupils face to set a future target regarding their orientation / job that really suits their talents, interests and of course abilities. Another significant issue we have to deal with is the early school leavers due to different reasons (ie. economic crisis etc). We are facing the daily challenge to help our pupils explore their abilities, imagine their ideal future and move towards it, but the fact that we are helping children be better people is our reward.

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ITES G.B. Bodoni

ITES G.B. Bodoni is not far from the centre of the town and is attended by more than 800 students ranging from the age of 14 to adults. There are 29 day classes, 3 evening classes and 2 classes in the local prison. The teaching staff is composed by 62 teachers. The construction of the school building respects all the latest safety standards and needs of those with mobility difficulties. The school facilities include: a well-stocked library, a video room, a large auditorium which seats 400 people, equipped with complete audio-video technology connected to the internet, two gyms, one of which has a grandstand for spectators, 8 laboratories plus a newly installed 2.0 classroom. Each classroom is equipped with either interactive whiteboard or projectors. In the last few years we have seen an increasing number of students coming from non-EU Countries or from countries which have recently joined the EU. The percentage of migrant students has reached 25%, and it is increasing, and this high percentage is mainly due to the fact that it is a technical school giving our students more chances to find a job after finishing school.

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VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące

VIII Liceum Ogólnokształcące is a public, co-educational high school situated in Bielsko-Biała, a city in southern Poland with 180,000 inhabitants. Our school is relatively small (388 students at the age of 16-19), but safe and friendly. Our school has a mission: to educate young people well and to prepare them for challenges of living in the modern world. from the high academic standards we strive to make the school a creative, friendly and safe environment for young people. Studying is the first, but other activities are as important. We have programmes for students to follow : ecological- one of the mainstream programmes in our school whose aim is to teach students how to protect the environment and make them responsible for the future of our planet ; humanistic– the programme whose purpose is to make students aware of their national identity, Polish history and culture.; social skills – involving them into volunteering in different fields, helping the old and the sick and learning from them. We also promote a healthy lifestyle and teach students how to eat to prevent obesity and other health problems. We get the funds from some European projects and use them to accomplish our mission.