On our way to Athens

Greek Team

“We are 2 of the Greek students who welcomed the Italian and French students at the airport on Sunday 26thof March 2017.

We all gathered at our neighborhood at 1.30 pm and took the coach to the airport. All the students were excited for this mobility!!! To surprise the students, we made a banner in order to welcome them better. The first ones to arrive were the Italians at 3.30 pm and after one hour the French students also arrived. After that we took our coach and went back to our neighborhood. Furthermore we went for a coffee with all the students and with the Greek ones that were not hosting in order to get to know each other better. The atmosphere was fantastic because all the students were really excited about the program and so we were too!! After a couple of hours we went to our houses to rest and of course the students to meet our families. All the families had prepared welcome dishes so the students could feel more comfortable. All in all our first day of this mobility program was fantastic and a really nice experience for both sides because we became friends and we had a good chemistry between us. We are sure that this week will be as fantastic as our first day and we also hope that the students will have a great time too… See you soon Bye!!!”

Italian Team

“The Italian crew met at the railway station in Parma and after having said goodbye to all the parents, set on its trip to Athens. We were all were tired because of the early leaving, but really excited as well!  Students had already got in touch with the hosting partners and couldn’t wait meeting their friends.  As usual these journeys are pretty tiring, up and down using all the possible means of transport: train, shuttle, aircraft, coach …. But the moment when you meet your partners, when you can see them waiting for you outside the arrival automatic doors, is unforgettable! Hugs, kisses and excitement among students and teachers as we have grown into a group of friends, no more just a partnership.  After we had some food, we took a coach all together  and had our transfer to school where the hosting families were waiting for us. At that point students split from the teachers and went into a bar to have something to drink together and know each other better: real communication is much better than virtual one. The students spent then their evening at home and the teaches, after a break in order to relax, met and had dinner together.”

French Team

“The journey started with our first flight at 7 am to Madrid and then with the connection to Athens where we arrived at 3.20 pm. We were warmly welcomed by our hosts and we took a coach to get to their place. The Italians, the Greeks and the French, we all had a coffee together to get to know each other before going to their homes and meet with our hosts families. The adventure begins”.

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