Tuesday in Lieto day 5

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This morning, at 9:30, with the Italians and the Finns, we visited a popular bank in Lieto. This bank was very big bank in Finalnd so there are lots of branches in Finland. We were welcomed with a nice snack and then we attended a presentation about the bank and how they help future companies.



Then, we went back to school for lunch.

In the afternoon, we had some group work to do. Our tasks consisted in going through all the group ideas and in giving feedback to the other groups about the idea they wanted to develop.

voted for the best business that students have created. Me and my group, we made an entreprise of oil olive but we didn’t win. The best business was FlightLight, an entreprise created in order to travel young people around the world for a good price.

In the evening, we went to the farewell party with Finnishs and Italians students. At this party, we had done divers games like : find the title and the singer of some music, we danced, singed, played the piano, and eat. It was really cool because all students were together, so we had fun. I really liked it.

Visiting a bank in Lieto

Monday in Lieto day 4

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Today, we all visited a coach building company in lieto called  The visit lasted 2 hours and then we went back too school for lunch.


In the afternoon, we gathered again and we had a video conference with our Greek and Polish partners.  Each country did a presentation about the different steps to create a company in each country.


After the presentations, there was some group work. We were divided into 8 international groups in order to find an idea to create a company. We could choose the mean of communication we wanted: Facebook groups, Skype, etc. Sometimes it was a bit difficult to be in contact but it was an interesting experience.



By the end of the day we had to post the idea on the ESS students Facebook group.

Turku sightseeing day 2

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This morning, we visited the medieval castle of Turku, which is one of the oldest monuments of Finland. Then, we walked along the Aura River passing by some sights (bridges, sculptures, monuments) in the city and our Finnish hosts gave us some explanations about them. We ended our visit at the protestant Cathedral of Turku at 2 pm.

We were free to have lunch and to enjoy the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we all met again to have sauna, swim in a cold lake and enjoy some grilled sausages and marshmallows.

Marine Fournet

Lieto Lukio Day 1

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Today is Friday, October 7th and it was our first day at Liedon Lukio. We had a guided tour of the school. At first sight, it looked tiny but then, inside it was huge! We visited the sports hall which belongs to the city and the music classroom which is in a separate building. The library is in the junior secondary school next door.

Then, we attended the “Welcome Ceremony” where there were some speeches, some singing and a Kahoot quiz about Finland. Our stay-at-home partners Greece and Poland joined us virtually. We had lunch at 11.30 pm and at 1 pm the group split.

2 French and 2 Italian students were interviewed by Saana, a reporter for a Finnish newspaper entitled “Turunsanomata” (News of Turku). The rest of the group went to play Möolkky, a traditional Finnish game. Then we met again and we have been talking a lot.


At the end of the day, we went bowling.

Raphaël Espel – France

Mobility to Finland: on our way

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Lucas Delongvert (1ère AMA-CV)

Today, the French students we arrived at the airport at 4.20 am as our first flight of the day was at 6.20 am ! In Munich, we continued our journey to Helsinki where we arrived at noon. We ended our trip with a coach ride to Turku. Our host families were waiting for us at 3 pm. After a loooong day, we are ready to know one another.

The Italians are on their way.