Going back home

“The time to say goodbye to our old and new friends unfortunately came. Having woken up early in the morning, like we have gotten used to the past few days, we arrived at the train station. It was a sad moment indeed, however our farewells came along with hopes of meeting each other again, promising to do so. While leaving Parma, we had the chance to visit Milano, where we were assigned to take the plane back home. We were fascinated by the beauty of its attractions. After having shot tons of pictures, we took the bus to the airport and said goodbye to beautiful Italy, which welcomed us for  one of the most exciting weeks of our lives.”

The Greek delegation

“This morning,  after packing my suitcase, my host parents accompanied me to our meeting point, the Hotel Torino. There,  we said goodbye and we all boarded the minibus for the airport of Milan – Linate. When we arrived at the airport, we headed to the boarding gate and we started working on a full summary of the week and we played Uno. We finally departed for Frankfurt before flying to Marseilles, where we met our respective families and we went back home. Thanks to our host families! We miss you!”

Salomé Leclair – Lycée Don Bosco Marseilles

It’s unbelievable that it’s been a month since we came to Parma. So many things have happened during all this time and so many pleasant moments we experienced, that we can hardly believe it’s the time to say goodbye. We have already got used to the Italian lifestyle, the families and the school. Now we’ll have to change our lifestyle again and catch up on the school work, which won’t be an easy thing
to do .

Our journey back home was OK but pretty long. Although there were no delays, it took us almost
10 hours to get home. HOME SWEET HOME!!!! It was good to see our parents again, hang out with friends and taste Polish food!

The month in Italy means a lot to us. We gained valuable experience whilst working on the project
and we highly recommend such an exchange to anyone!” 

Karolina, Sergiusz, Andrzej and Janek from Poland



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