Mobility in France / Day 1 : Welcoming Ceremony

“To begin our stay at Lycée Polyvalent Don Bosco”, we welcomed the Italians students in the school where we played a sketch about the French clichés. Then, they we visited the school.

After, we went to St Charles train station to welcome the Polish students, who arrived late because their flight was delayed. Next, we all went back to the school, where we ate some viennoiseries.

In order to get to know each other better, we played a game and the Italian and Polish students also participated in a quiz about France.

After, we had lunch with our guests and we attended afternoon lessons before going back home”.

Signed by Manaula.

“Today 19/03 was our first day in the French school, Don Bosco.
To welcome us, the French students prepared a small performance in which they presented us some clichés from French daily life.
Then, they led us around the school to visit all the classrooms, explaining us what they study and how they work.
Unfortunately, the Polish students were not with us because their flight was delayed, so they joined us just at 10: 30 am.

After a small break we did some ice-breaking activities all together such as Kahoot Quiz and a funny cards game: we had to match cards and emojis in order to find the students who had the same card as ours.

At 12:05 we had lunch and then from 13 to 17 pm we started working on ESS project activities. During these hours, we worked in international groups and we had to choose three media to promote our company, such as a logo, a website, a slogan…

At the end of the school day, we went with our hosting students to visit the old port and then we went to Le Pointu to drink and eat a traditional meal.

At 8 pm we went back home and we spent the evening with our host families.

It has been a great day and we are sure it will be also a great stay.”

Signed by Martina and Viola.

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