Monday, March 7th: Benvenutti a ITES GB Bodoni

This morning, my host student and I took the bus to go to school to Parma. Once there, we were welcomed by the school choir and a karaoke with songs in Italian, Greek, English and French.
Back to the auditorium,  we received the planning for the day: a  school visit, the viewing of the entrepreneurs’ interviews done in each country and we ended the day at school by attending a lesson (Maths, French, Sports). All these activities were planned by groups. The French students, we attended the French lessons and were introduced by our host partners in French. We also presented our studies.
At lunch time, all the ESS partners, teachers and students, we had lunch at school and then we left to spend the afternoon together and we played laser games by nationalities.

(Jean-Alexis Bonnet – Lycée Don Bosco Marseille)

———————————————————————————————————–Monday, March 7, after a great nights sleep in my heated mattress, I woke up at 6:00. I started for the Italian school along with Enoch, my italian host. The welcome was full of music! We sang songs from Italy, France, England and Greece. After that we made a tour of school, visiting classrooms and laboratories. Then, the students of all countries showed the videos of the interviews that were taken from a businessman of their country. The finnish and polish videos were downloaded and showed as well. Comparisons will be made tomorrow. Attending Gymnastics and Mathematics completed the morning activities and the school day ended with a tasty meal in the library. So much prosciutto I hadn’t eaten in my whole life!

The day ended up enjoying the Italian “gelato” after having participated in an exciting laser game with all the italian and french friends…

(George Koutoufaris – 53rd Lyceum of Athens)


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