Tuesday, March 8th: ESS students’ at work

The day began with a ride on the bus and a breakfast at Maximilian’s bar which is near the school.

Today’s first task consists in watching the interviews from all the entrepreneurs done in each country and to compare their answers. 8 international groups have been created to do so and to focus on one question for all the interviews. Here are some pictures of our students at work. You can watch the videos on the following link: http://bodoniess.altervista.org/video/

Conference about How to set a business plan by Andrea Ferrarri. Our Finnish and Polish partners participate  by videoconference.

“The conference we had yesterday with the Italians, the French, the Polish and the Greeks was very interesting. We had a presentator talking about being an entrepreuner and what it takes to succeed. We also had tasks about the subject and presented them to everybody. The conference went technically better than last time so that was a pleasant surprise! We are looking forward to our next online meeting on Thursday”. (The Finnish students)

“The videoconference was a very good idea. It was nice to see our friends from Italy who stayed with us in January. It was cool to take part in something that was happening in a different country and we were in our school in Poland. The only problem was the audio quality.The videoconference was very motivating. It was our first time we had taken part in such a meeting.
We could learn something about business plans and marketing. Sometimes we had difficulties with understanding  what was being said. However, we think that such presentations may help us develop our enterprising skills in the future”. (The Polish students)

This afternoon, the students are divided  in 5 groups and they are  interviewing local entrepreneurs. (Matthias Honorat Lycee Don Bosco Marseille)

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