Wednesday, March 9th:

Today, the 5 groups which interviewed the local entrepreneurs started to do the video editing for their own interview.

Then, we went sightseeing in Parma to discover the differents sights of the city such as the St Paul Chamber and the Post Office, the Garibaldi Square and the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the Baptisterium and the Della Pilotta Palace and the Farnese theatre. I found the visits really interesting more particularly the guided tour of the theatre which is a great place. I love art history. It is a shame we did not spend more time visiting with a guide.

In the afternoon, we all went to a shopping centre outside Parma and in the evening we had diner at at Trattoria  where we enjoyed wonderful pizza and pasta.

(Zoé Légeron – Lycée Don Bosco Marseille)


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