Day 5 mobility in Athens

“Today was our last day at the school and with our host student and family.

Our day started at the lyceum as we had to finish the different projects we had. There were 4 projects to be produced and presented which were: a restaurant, a coffee shop, intelligent clothing, and finally an airline.

While some members of each group were finalising the oral presentations, the French students were asked to tag one of the school walls with the Principal’s permission, of course! So, Raphaël put his talents to the test in order to put together the three flags of our countries: Greece France and Italy.

Everybody gathered again for the Business Plans final presentations to all the teachers.

Before leaving the school, we were all given our certificates and we had a lesson of traditional Greek dances. 

In the evening, we we went to the farewell party and had a nice last moment all together. It was the opportunity to show our talents at traditional Greek dancing. We had a great evening and it was a nice way to end an extraordinary week.”

Inès Touche – France

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