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“How two Greek students felt about the departure of their new friends…

Today was the most emotional day of the week. Generally, we were all a bit upset, as the week passed really quickly and of course, we wanted some more days. Despite the fact that we only knew both Italian and French students for only 6 days, we created really good and strong relationships. When they arrived, we all had agreed to make this week very special for our guests and I firmly believe that we made it! When we arrived at the metro station, our guests said a big < thank you > to us and then, the girls started crying and hug everyone. Summing up, I hope to keep in touch with each student that came to Greece and we will be waiting them to come again in the summer. As I mentioned before, we all created some really strong relationships that will surely be timeless!!”

George from Greece

“Today is a very sad day for all of us, Greek, Italian and French students and teachers. Unfortunately, the day we have to say “Goodbye” arrived and we are all unhappy for this.! But we will keep in touch and meet each other again. We all know that one week is very short time but we managed to build a close relation among all of us. Although today is the end of this wonderful week, we believe that this is just the beginning of a strong friendship!”

Natalia from Greece

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