Travelling day

From Marseilles to Parma

“Today,  November 26th 2017, we left for Parma within the ESS project. We met at the airport in Marseilles to take a plane for Frankfurt. There, we catched up a plane for Milan. But before, we had lunch in a restaurant called Hausmann’s. Our second flight of the day took us to Milan where a van was waiting for us to drive us to Parma.

During the flight, we worked on some project activities, we would have to present on Monday.

We eventually arrived in Parma to join our hosting families.

They welcomed me very well  and I thank them very much for their warm.”

(Margo AZNAVOURIAN – Lycée Don Bosco)


From Athens to Parma

“The day we had all waited for finally arrived. Most of us spent a sleepless night in anticipation of this trip as it was going to be a first for all of us. After a smooth flight – though a bit bumpy towards landing- we reached Milan in the afternoon. While waiting for our train at Milan’s central station we tasted some pizza and panini and then boarded the “Frecciabianka” to Parma. After about an hour and a half we finally arrived in Parma where our friends were waiting for us. Everybody was overjoyed and we were driven to our hosts’ homes where we had a lovely dinner.”

(The Greek students)

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