Day 1 in Parma

“Today all of our friends from GreeceFrance and Finland arrived in Parma. The day started at 8a.m. at schoolFirst we had a couple of icebreaking games, all together, and we got some information about this week’s programAfter that, some of the students showed us their presentations about the local companies of their countries
We were also involved in an event where the school rewarded the best students of last academic year
After that we had lunch at school.
In the afternoon, Andrea Ferrari delivered a lesson about management. 
After school we all had some coffee together.”

(Eliina from Finland) 

 “We got up early, as we had to be at school at 7.55, which we found a bit hard as we were still tired from yesterday’s trip. We spent the first two hours doing some ice breaking activities that were quite entertaining and helped us to get to know each other better.
Following that, we watched a presentation on management by an Italian student and then the Greek and the French team presented the assignments completed prior to the mobility.
Later, we attended a ceremony at the school’s conference room where the best “I.T. Bodoni” students were praised for their performance during last school year. After a delicious lunch break at the school’s library, we all attended a presentation on managerial skills by a business consultant.
It was a pleasant day!”
(Greek student)

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